Friday, February 19, 2010

'fess up Friday =)

I have 5 MINUTES left of Friday!!  HAHA!!  My confession today is... one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when doing the laundry - and the pant legs are turned inside out!!  I don't know know why...  it just BUGS me soooooo much!!  It always has... and when Chuck gets frustrated with me - he threatens to go and turn ALL my pants inside out!  =)

Do you have any pet peeves???


Cyn said...

HA HA ! Love it! Oh my pet peeve, is the hangers and plastic bags from the dry cleaners. My hubby gets all his clothes done by the dry cleaner but he has a bad habit of just ripping the plastic bags off when he is in a rush, and guess who gets to pick them up ? My solution is very simple, I get the bags and put on his pillow Ha Ha!

Loving your blog!

Stevie said...

lmbo (laugh my bottom off)... we have been blessed with 4 children and then there is my husband and I.. so there is at least a load of clothes every day.. AT LEAST =). I feel ya on this one. or when the socks don't get separated before they go inthe washer.. or when the dryer eats a sock and you no longer have a matching pair. Laundry.... there's a lot of fessing up i'd have to do when it comes to laundry.. hahaha... love your blog!