Saturday, February 20, 2010

I just LOVE Corona!! WOW!

I really do LOVE this City... it has a real small town feel and AMAZING people live and work here!!

Today... I left my purse at Backwoods BBQ and their manager held it for a while - I didn't even miss it - then they called the Corona Police to come get it! =)  The Police called and left a message that they had it!! We never answer our home phone... Chuck saw there was a message and listened to it!  WOW!  I called and the Officer (I am so BUMMED I cannot remember his name) met us to give me my purse!  Another WOW!

As we were driving out to get it a few thoughts crossed my mind...

I have 2 weeks of cash in there!!  It would serve me right if it were gone - but I NEVER have cash so this was a NEW feeling for me - YIKES my MONEY was in there!!

Another thought... IF my phone were IN the purse I would have KNOWN I didn't have it with me!!  =)

AND another... I am NOT a responsible person with CASH in hand!!  Chuck said I had to put it in a safer place...  WHERE is safer??  I thought about my pocket - but we have a rule... if you do laundry and you find money - it is ALL YOURS!  I am guilty of leaving it in my pockets AND it is usually all over the dryer!!  HAHA!!  I am afraid that I will put is somewhere VERY safe and not remember WHERE my safe place is!  Then find it 5 years later...  =)

This Dave Ramsey thing is making me have to really be responsible!  YIKES!!

OH!!  ALL of my money, credit cards (we have NOT cut them up yet) and MOST important... Disney Pass were ALL there!!  God is so GOOD to me!!

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Tiffany Harper said...

I am so glad your purse came back to you with everything inside! There are some wonderful people around you!