Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just another Sunday... =)

Today was just so FUN at church!  First service - I got to hold Liam while he slept =)  He usually doesn't let me rock him to sleep... BUT he was so tired today that he just laid in my lap watching worship and fell asleep =)  I LOVED IT!!  He is ONE of the LOVES of my life - PERFECT Valentine's Day! In second service I got to sit with one of my SWEET friends that came out to visit from Denver - another GREAT Valentine's treat =)  Then there were LOTS of friends from the past there to visit today =)  It was a WOW of a DAY!  I didn't even take ANY PIX!!  I was caught up in the moments =)

THEN we come home and Chuck fixes me a wonderful lunch... it was a YUMMY meal that he cooked for my Valentine's DAY - HE is the BEST!!

Chuck's message today... is a WOW too!  BLESSED are the MERCIFUL -  It is a LIFE CHANGING message!!  

Click the link to go to his   Sermons ONLINE   - Sunday's should be up on Wednesday!  AND  Last week's was GREAT too...  =)  It is up!

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