Friday, February 12, 2010

'fess up Friday =)

I LOVE reading others confessions...  I feel like I get to know you just a bit more!  So...  I am jumping in and planning to do one a week =)

My first one...  and I am a bit embarrassed... but I still have my Christmas tree UP!  I felt a bit guilty when Feb 1 rolled around...  =)

I took this pic yesterday KNOWING that this would be my FIRST confession =)


Michelle said...

LOL! Pam how I love you! My WHOLE Christmas tree is still up...I was going to post this confession a few weeks ago - and then I thought that me be too transparent even for me! :) I had no idea how much guilt I was carrying over this tree until I saw your post. Thanks - you made my day and lightened a silly load I was carrying!!!! Tomorrow for sure...right? :)

Pamee said...

HAHAH!!! I HEAR ya!! AND the tree IS coming down tomorrow =) That is what I want for Valentine's Day =) I did think about decorating it for all the holidays... but, I never got around to it!!