Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I think I am on the MEND =)

WHEW!  I really think for the last 6 MONTHS all I could do was... wish I could BREATHE!!  NOW...  I am on allergy meds and I CAN BREATHE!!  BUT, I am so TIRED I can't even think straight!  HAHA!!  I have wanted to BLOG "stuff" but I am so FEARFUL of what I might actually write!  I am NOT in my right mind when I am so TIRED!  I even went to bed WAY early a few nights and still didn't get enough sleep! HAHA!  So... I think now I have to adjust to this NEW way of life - I am HOPING that I get used to it and it settles IN and I will feel "normal" VERY SOON =)  For now... I just NEED to SLEEP =)

I have a few FUN Ideas for my blog and I am going to post them HERE - NOW... so that I can come back and refer to it later =)  BECAUSE I will FORGET!!  HAHA!!

" 'Fess Up Friday's" - one confession a week - even tho I have MANY!  HAHA!  I have a GREAT one for this week - IF I REMEMBER!!

I want to post a Favorite pic of the week - NOT sure what day - so I am not committing =)

Here is one photo from this week...    "two Doc's"

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