Sunday, February 7, 2010


Thank YOU so much Crossroads Church!  I am so THANKFUL that God has brought us here!  It wasn't easy in the beginning... but NOW it is so FUN and even CHALLENGING with bringing the school back =)

I can honestly say that this week was one of the FUNNIEST weeks I have had in a long time - I have been pretty sick and a bit out of it - so when the attacks have come I really didn't get it!!  THEN to find out I am the "sleazy girlfriend" - HAHAAH!!  Who KNEW?!?!  It has given me a chance to NOT feel so sick!!  HAHAA!!  

I will post the link to the sermon once it is up online...   Chuck, Ronny, and Tony did a WONDERFUL job with the Iron Chef =)

I really APPRECIATE all of your support Crossroads!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!  THANK YOU =)  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Here is one of the many BLESSINGS that I get on a Sunday!!

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Maegen said...

We love you! Thank you so much for all that you and Pastor Chuck do!