Sunday, February 7, 2010

Music... ON your blogs...

Ok... I am a fan of music!  BUT I usually get on here when I can with the kids are ASLEEP or Chuck is sleeping!   I have my volume cranked UP so I can HEAR what I want when I want... like sermons...

Now... when I have have a few minutes to blog stalk... which I LOVE to do... I don't think about turning OFF my sound!!  AND it usually wakes UP A CHILD or TWO or a hubby when I do this!!

PLEASE don't add music...  I click OFF as fast as I can when it comes ON and I don't get to enjoy what you write!!  I am sorry... but it is way MORE distracting than inspiring for me!  It may just be me... but I do LOVE my blog stalking and sound just gets in the way!!

I am so sorry that this may burden some of you... but I want TO READ what you say  =)

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