Friday, April 23, 2010

ummm... I NEED to read the label =)

I have had really bad allergies this season and have tried everything! HAHA!!  AND I have had a cold about every 3 or 4 weeks too... =(    SO... I AM mixing cold medication WITH allergy meds...

I have always taken the BLUE Tylenol Cold med because it was DAYTIME!  And Chuck buys it for me because it is DAYTIME! (He did buy me a pretty RED one- but it was NIGHTTIME!)  Well - today he asked if I took the medication this morning and I said "no, I had to be alert for a few hours" - See...  I took some last week and fell asleep....  so I was being cautious today.  I came home and took the medication and then READ the label...  it was NIGHTTIME!!  OH MAN!  I KNEW what was going to happen!  AND it did... I HAD TO SLEEP for a while! HAHA!!  I did NOT know that the BLUE stuff also came in NIGHTTIME!  Neither did Chuck!

I have MUCH TO DO... and too sleepy to DO anything!!

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Jessica D. said...

this is so me! I would have done the same thing.