Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I do WORK out!

HAHA!  I know that when I have the 3 babies here - 2 days a week... I WORK OUT!  I don't even know the number of times I go up and down the stairs each day - they don't ALL sleep at the same times =)  Then I am up and down from the floor...  well...  pretty much constantly ALL day long too! THEN I carry each ONE of them at some point up or down the stairs...

It is the end of the two day workout... and I am so TIRED today!  I think today was a bit MORE of a workout because it was Liam's actual birthday and we did PARTY ALL DAY!  I made muffins and we had balloons and RAN all over the kitchen!

I wanted to catch up on my Mother's Day photography stuff tonight...  AND get a few more pix edited AND maybe read... play on my iPad...  I can't!  I am toooooo TIRED!

SO all I am going to do is have another cup cake AND watch TV - a brainless job!  Here are a couple of pix from Liam's little party today and then BATH time at the end!!  =)

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Chuck said...

The best workout ever. You should be a trainer.