Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I LOVE technology!

HAHA!!  I really do!  I LOVE digital cameras - compared to film - it is way more cost effective! AND so much more FUN!  I can take pix and more PIX and even more PIX!

I LOVE the computer... years ago when we got our FIRST computer - I honestly thought that it was a glorified check book =)  HAHA!  I was WRONG!!  I now have an iMac and a laptop... and I use BOTH!!

I also LOVE... my iPhone!  WOW! How did I live life without it?  It holds everything on it... AND the kids LOVE it!  I LOVE watching and TEACHING the kids games... they learn their colors, shapes, and even coordination!  It takes so much coordination to MOVE some of the objects! The kids are GOOD at it!!

Now... I love my iPad...  I really do!  I can read books...  and they keep all the pictures =)  I LOVE pictures in my books!!  I LOVE the size! I can SEE EVERYTHING!!  My eyes are getting OLD!  I LOVE the apps...  GAMES =)  and the KIDS!  WOW!  They LOVE it!  I really LOVE seeing the kids with it... the battery life is AMAZING!!!  They played with it ALL day... except naptime - 2 hours - and it had 57% left!!  WOW!  My iPhone didn't hold the charge that long!!  The most played app today...  Jack and the Beanstalk story!  WOOHOO!!

I do LOVE technology!!

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Tiffany Harper said...

I love technology too!! And I was so bummed when my phone died because it forced me to live without technology for a week! Aaaaah!! So glad you like your iPad.