Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am truly... BLESSED!

Today we celebrated Liam's FIRST birthday!  My FAVORITE Grandson right now...  =)  even tho he is the ONLY Grandson at THIS moment!!  HAHA!!

I MUST say... that Liam is so AMAZING and such a BLESSING in our lives...  He is easy going, sweet, and a very HAPPY baby!  He has been since he was born!  I have not ever seen a baby that was "go with the flo" as much as he IS!  I LOVE IT!  It is so ME  =)  I do think that today was a bit overwhelming for him tho =)  HAHA!!  There was over 50 people at his birthday party and I don't think he knew what to do...  He wanted to be held MOST of the day... we FORCED birthday cake on him... AND made him go IN the jacuzzi...  =)  Poor little guy... that was the ONLY time he cried ALL DAY LONG!!  HAHA!!  One of the highlights for me was watching him open the presents and getting off of Mommy's lap... and crawling past ALL his NEW toys... as fast as he could go... to Chuck... and climbing UP him to be HELD by Chuck  =)  It was one of the sweetest moments I have ever got to see...  Liam is a BLESSING to us ALL!

Then... as we left the party... I was so GRATEFUL to the Barnes family for hosting ALL of us IN their home!  AND honestly even now... I am really EMOTIONAL because I just LOVE the Barnes FAMILY!   ALL of them...  God has truly BLESSED Crossroads AND the Booher family because of their LOVE for GOD and PEOPLE!  Dave and Pat Barnes are REAL examples of a Mom and a Dad serving Jesus... and having their KIDS serve along side them!  ALL of their kids... Caleb and his wife Maegen, Lindsay, Luke, Jesse, Isaac, and Lori... are just as AMAZING! I am in AWE of every single ONE of them...  WOW!

I am not one of MANY words... but I am so thankful that GOD brought the Barnes family to Crossroads Church Family... AND to the Booher FAMILY!  I am personally BLESSED by each ONE of them!

Here is Liam crawling STRAIGHT to Chuck...  =)  I LOVE IT!!

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