Monday, June 28, 2010


WOOHOO!  I have NOT shopped since we started the Dave Ramsey way of living... tonight I did!  My clothes are getting too big... which is a GREAT problem to have!  I have been working out... watching what I eat and as a wonderful result... HUGE clothes!

Well... Old Navy has EVERYTHING in the store at 30% OFF right now! (it ends tomorrow) I was so THRILLED!! I can go on our trips with NEW clothes that actually FIT!  AND let me just say... I got a pair of jeans that fit perfectly... they were $5 to start... then I got to take off another 30% - WOOHOO!!  I shopped in the clearance aisle!  My shirts were $7  =)  I am a BIG spender now that I MUST pay cash!! =)  I did splurge on a pair of khakis that are the next size down - as a goal to fit into them... they started at $3  =)  and I can actually button them up... they are tight... but SOON I will be IN my $3 pants!!

Life is good... =)