Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It has been a while =)

WOW!  The days go by too fast!  I do mean to keep up here...

We are ALL PACKED and ready to GO... just waiting on the word from the escrow company on what the new date will be! They say LATE next week =)

I am so exited to go visit our new house... I want to go EVERYDAY! The walls are now painted and I think the cabinets are next... so I will be LOOKING forward to that!

I LOVE the colors that we chose for the floor and cabinets and walls...  here is a sample of the COLORS - NOT the floor plan!!  It is so FUN that all of these are our colors... including the granite AND stainless steel appliances!!

I am also starting to do two a days of the 30 day shred... only for a few weeks tho...  I am hoping the pounds come off now as well as the inches =0

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