Friday, September 10, 2010

TODAY I am sore!!!

WOW!  I am really doing things that I NEVER thought I would!  One of them is exercising EVERYDAY!  HAHA!!  I always knew that I needed to exercise... but I really do NOT like it! Well I am doing the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels - well actually a DVD =) of her.

Yesterday I learned that it was Crossroads Church day at a local Rock Climbing place... Hangar 18 and thought that sounded really FUN! So I asked Chuck if he could go... and he could - just a little late - so we got there about an hour before it closed!  A LOT of Crossroaders were still there!!

Dave Barnes took GOOD care of me - getting me shoes and Lindsay Rafferty helped me get the harness on... and then Dave was the guy that held the other end of the rope... I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT That is called OR how it is spelled!!  HAHA!! Then Nick Radford was sweet enough to take my camera and get shots of ME!!  WOOHOO!!!  I was so excited!!

Now today... I am so SORE!!!  I think that the 30 day shred lacks rock climbing fitness =)  SO now I need to work out are my triceps and under arms - NO clue what those muscles are BUT they NEED a work out!!!  I can hardly life up my ARMS today!!

Here is a shot of ME actually ON the wall...  OH we signed up to be monthly members too!! SO we will be going A LOT!  I am so excited... and I am quite surprised that I LOVED it!!


Anonymous said...

I believe the two words you're looking for are belayer (person holding other end of rope), and later muscles (muscles behind your arms).

Chuck said...

You are an inspiration to me. Thank you, I really mean it. Love Chuck

Pamee said...