Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2011... so far =)

WOW!  I haven't posted on here at ALL for 2011!  I am way behind!!

I have learned MUCH in the past few months too!

1. I am so easily distracted! I KNOW I would rather play than do anything else...

2. I do NOT like to study!  HAHA!  I guess deep down I don't like school work =)

3. I need LOTS of prep time when I am going to speak... that is when I get so distracted from studying - I find myself doing HOUSEWORK instead of studying! It HAS to be bad if I choose to do house work ;)

All of these have come into my life the last 3 months! I have had the opportunity to speak 5 times at the Church... and yesterday was the LAST one - well at least for a while =)  AND I feel like my life can get back to NORMAL... playing is HIGH on the agenda!

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