Friday, December 31, 2010

2010... WOW! A wonderful YEAR!

I LOVED 2010... it was a year of change for me...

I semi-retired from the photography business...
I started EXERCISING!  AND watching what I eat =)...
We had another little grand daughter born...
We MOVED to Corona...

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed since October this year - but GOD got me thru it!


I am going to be changing a few things... to help me to NOT feel overwhelmed!  I have been PRAYING thru all of these... and it will take some real discipline for me!!  BUT I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!

FULLY RETIRED from shooting pix... Really!!!  I am!!  except for FUN projects... It is an addiction after all =)

My pic of the day... will be what ever I want it to be - an art piece or just a verse... depending on what I have time for!
My Life blog... I plan to write more on here... I think I NEED this as therapy =)  HAHA!!

I will be moving BOTH of these sites to ONE so that I can more easily manage them... I will post the link when they are done!

Now... for a few goals I have...

To lose 40 more pounds - meaning that I will continue to do the 30 Day Shred til my 365 days are up - and add in a few extra days of exercise... once my 365 days are up - I am going to cut back and NOT do Sundays and Wednesdays!  Those are my BUSIEST days of the week!

Go rock climbing at least once a week =)

Read at least an hour a day

Be on Facebook once a day! This one will be really difficult =)  BUT if I don't do this... I won't READ!  HAHA!!

LIMIT my time ON the computer everyday...  It is another ADDICTION!! =)

Learn to sew - I want to make baby blankets and aprons

Scrapbook at least once a month - starting from my current pix and working backwards!

Scan in OLD slides of me and my sisters when we were KIDS =)  and make a scrapbook of it!

Cook at least once a week - I know that is a wimpy goal... but I am NOT doing it even once a month NOW... so once a week for ME... is a GREAT start!!  I just NEED to plan ahead of time - which is my weakness!!

To SLOW down... and just enjoy my life with the grand kids!

Blog daily... =) Short and Sweet =)


LeVeque Family said...

I love it !!! I would love to sew with you. I have a really nice sewing machine still in the box and I want to start using it. I am making a few things for my little nieces as far as knitting. I think we were seperated at birth we love to do a lot of the same stuff.

Tiffany said...

Great goals Pam! Happy New year to you!

Rachael. said...

Happy New Year!! Love this post! I love making Aprons.
Brassy Apple . com has some great patterns and they are digital which I Love!!