Thursday, June 9, 2011

There are days...

That I think I am NEVER going to catch up!  I went to a Leading and Loving It Pastor's Wives RETREAT... a few weeks ago... and I LOVED IT! I was inspired AND challenged in many ways! Well.. every time I sit down to get "organized" in my life... I get so distracted with other things!

One of the things I really want to do... is BLOG here more... I have the idea then - when I finally have the TIME to be at the computer... it is NOT in my head anymore!!  HAHA!!

Another thing I WANT to do is get in shape! SO this summer I am going to focus MORE on getting in shape - eating RIGHT and EXERCISING more intensely!!

AND ...I think the BIGGEST thing I NEED to do is to MEDITATE daily... and JOURNAL! I just have been slacking off in this... and I am feeling it!  SO... I want to have the Word DEEPLY rooted IN my heart and this is the ONLY way I know how to get it there!!

OH!  Another BIG one for me...  I am NOT sure I can do this one - but, I NEED to get more organized... I have a craft room that I have NOT even used yet because it is so DISORGANIZED-I don't even KNOW where to begin!  I want to PLAY... and I think that may be discouraging me a little bit!

THIS is my written list of things I want to accomplish...  =)  I just read that I NEED to write it down if I ever want to do them!!     =)  So I am telling the world!

PLEASE PRAY for me...  Tuesday I had a melt down -  and the GOOD thing is... I KNEW that is NOT where I wanted to be - so I am DETERMINED to GO WITH GOD in all of this!! This will be a GREAT summer of change for me!

This is a picture OF my craft table... and I think my LIFE =)  HAHA!!


Chuck said...

At least you have the most important things in place; faith, hope & love. And the greatest is LOVE. You are the best at that.

Anonymous said...

You're my hero, Pam! Maybe I'll start getting my act together now. It's the time thing holding me back. Keep us posted. Karrie