Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trying NEW things =)

I went TO the gym today... and RAN for 10 minutes!! HAHA! I never run... so this was AMAZING for me to do! I feel like I accomplished something TODAY! It was fun going in too... I have NOT been to the actual gym in at least 5 years! AND Chris Gomez was there to check me in... =) I just LOVE our Crossroads family!

AND today I am learning to blog using the iPad =) I got a new keyboard and I think I am liking this! I just need to learn HOW to do my pic of the day on here now!!

I can't upload pix... I am just now seeing that =( I think I need to find an app that will do this for me!

BE BLESSED today... we are off to a wedding!

TRY ONE thing NEW today!! =)

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