Monday, July 25, 2011


I love going for a walk.... Today tho may have changed that :) we saw this little guy... And it didn't bug me at first... But as I was walking... I got creeped out the further we went... So I cut the walk SHORT!! Haha!! I don't see that great in the dark.... And I did NOT want to step on one!!!

I still can't believe I went back to get a pic! Haha!!


Joi Copeland said...

That's funny, Pam! We have three corn snakes, one for each boy! And we live across the street from a nature park, where we have seen quite a few snakes! :)

Jackie said...

Okay...I cannot believe you went back to get the picture either! I am just glad he didn't call his friends to come check out the crazy lady with the camera!
Hey, if you want to post your pictures in my blog hop, I just started one :) It's for words or pictures--because those are my favorite kinds of blogs!
AND...I am so excited, Emily is starting a blog. She got a new camera. When she is up, I'll get her connected to you. Love you.