Wednesday, July 27, 2011


:) WOW! I am still recovering from the BEST birthday I have ever had!! It was one of the MOST emotional days I've ever experienced too...

It started with waking up to my phone beeping and beeping with notices on Facebook... :) it was FUN!

Then we headed out to the memorial service for John Sawaya... I really wanted to be there to love on Carol and the girls... I MUST say to have a birthday where I can stand and worship the Lord... Hear the Word preached... AND see people come to KNOW Jesus IS the best! I cried and cried at the stories... What an AMAZING man he was! I was so caught up in the moment I never even took a pic!! Haha!!

Then.... Chuck spoiled me the rest of the day! We went to the Brighton store... I've been eyeing this purse for a while ;) - [ I have NEVER spent a lot of money on a purse because I LOVE to change it!! Haha... But this one was different... I think it will hold everything in it... ] and he bought it for me!! This is it!!

Then we headed to dinner at Old Vine down in Costa Mesa... - oh my was it yummy! And I really was going to NOT cheat... But I had to eat it ALL!! They brought out a bleu cheese cheese cake - that sounds really funny doesn't it?? But It had honey drizzled all over it and WOW!! And I do NOT like bleu cheese!!!

I had not checked my FB or emails all day... And on the way home I looked at my phone... WOW this is what I saw... I was OVERWHELMED!

I don't know why FB said only 20 tho... Haha! Most of the emailed were FB posts!!! It took me all afternoon to read thru the emails... AND I am thanking GOD for AMAZING people in my life! Thank YOU for making this the BEST birthday EVER!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Pam, I'm so GLAD that you had a GODLY, FUN and BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! and BTW....I LOVE YOUR NEW PURSE!!! :) Love, Rebecca Jones (Caleb's Great Aunt Becca)

A Word from Mimi said...

Yes, we are both BLESSED Pam having husbands who cherish us and spoil us! And I feel like my Heavenly Father does the same and I know you do too! Happy to hear that you had a wonderful day and I pray that your will have an exciting, blessed year ahead! Birthday Blessings! Carolyn