Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Now that I am a Grammie...

Some things just don't matter...

Like... We are on vacation in Chicago and this morning I realized I forgot my makeup bag!! Haha!!! I remember way back when I turned 40... Chuck surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas... We drove there... and the boys flew in and arrived as we drove into town! It was a GREAT surprise! And they each had a task... Rich packed my clothes and Tim was supposed to pack my makeup... He had NO clue what he was doing and just grabbed a bag that he saw me use a lot!! It was ALL my nail polish!!! Haha!! So I got to go get ALL new makeup!! I LOVED it!!

Well... I don't really care today that I went to visit a Pastor and his BEAUTIFUL wife at their church... With NO makeup! I don't see me... :) I felt bad that they had to see me... HAHA!! But it is OK!! I know I could have gone to get new make up... And tomorrow I just may get some... AND I did NOT get any pix of me! =] I did go to an art store and get fun things... =] I think I would rather spend $ there!

Here are a few pix I did take today... With my iPhone! I did not bring my "real" camera!!

They have the wind mills here!! That was fun to see!!

A fun barn... Taken as a drive by =]

Sunset... At Willow Creek! A great way to end the day! With no pix of me =]

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