Sunday, July 31, 2011

I LOVE vacation... Or "staycation" this week!

It has been a BLESSED week too!!

I turned 53 =] and had a very BLESSED birthday! So I've celebrated ALL week... Or maybe ALL month! Haha!!

I got to see Mary Poppins and LOVED it!!

Then I fed an addiction.... :) Michael Nadler... From Canon... Came to Crossroads with all their "stuff" for us to play!! I loved... And COVETED a few lenses!!

Then the Photography Ministry got to shoot at Dos Lagos - I love that we are getting out into the Corona community! I shot my shadow here:)

Then today... We went to Sandals - on Sunday morning for church... And we went to Moment on Sunday night =] I was filled all day long!!

Sandals... In the rain =]

Moment.... Loved the Worship! And hearing Tony AND Breanne!!

My favorite part of the week tho... I got to spend every day with Chuck!! All day!!! Woohoo!!

We get to go to Chicago this week... I'm so excited! I love Chicago! We will be visiting a few Churches... And Chuck gets to speak in Rockford....

So now... We get to GO on a vacation =]

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