Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I LOVE pain meds!!!

Ok... It is over! Thank YOU for praying!! My dental surgery went well... But not as expected! The Dr. Was so great! He talked me thru it all and realized that one of the teeth had to come out... Which made it take longer ;) and he had lots of numbing stuff ready for me thru out!!

I think the grafting of my gum hurts the worst now!!! I have stitches in the front of my mouth AND the back where there is no tooth!!

I was in pain on our way home... I was holding in the tears - we picked up the pain meds - vicodin (sp??) and ibuprofen :) yay!!! It took an hour... But now I don't want to cry!!

I'm hoping I can read... I got "The Help" to make the day go by fast tomorrow!!

I did NOT take any pix... Haha! Although - now I wish I had one of me with the Dr. :)

I hope this makes sense... I'm heavily medicated :) and wanted to THANK you all for praying and let you know I survived!!

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