Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No pain meds... :)

Yay!! I've been a little afraid to post while ON them... I was a bit loopy! I'm doing way better... I can finally smile! My mouth does feel a bit weird with NO tooth in the back... And chewing on one side is not easy!! I forget... Haha!!

Now I gotta figure out when to get the tooth implant :)

I was hoping for a new car- actually a minivan! YES a minivan! (I love the Toyota Sienna) It's for ALL the grandkids to be able to ride in one car!! All of them will be here soon... And living here!!! But, I have to payoff all my dental work first :( haha!!

I have to say it's nice being able to think clearly again :)

Some fun things I've been working on... I love my iPad art programs!!!

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