Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've been journaling :)

It has been so fun to get back to it! I go thru phases when I decide I NEED to journal... Usually when my heart hurts is when I write the most. It helps my healing process...

Now tho... I'm inspired by Chuck and his journaling all these years! I don't want to just write tho... Because I know I would lose interest... So I am incorporating some kinds of art in my process! And it has been so AMAZING! I find myself creating way more now... And my words flow... God is working in my heart :) and my prayer has been to crave my time with HIM! And I DO! I read so many verses that I want to make art pieces of... I need more time :) haha!!

I am making LOTS of pieces... The hardest part... is KNOWING when they are finished! :)

Here is one of my prayers in my journal!

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