Saturday, November 12, 2011


A few things today...

FIRST... the Identity Conference today at our church - Crossroads - was so INSPIRING!  Next year YOU MUST GO!  It will challenge YOU to be the man or woman GOD created YOU to be and to do SOMETHING about it! =) I was inspired last year... and this year was even BETTER! Next year... will be WOW! I just KNOW it!! 

I LOVED listening to Dale Partridge talk on KNOWING the WHY we work =) AND I loved David Jay... =) He is a photographer too... and I have LOVED and PRAYED for him for many years... he has a special place in my heart... like a son I never knew  =) BECAUSE he loves Jesus! =) THEN... listening to Tim Sanders - I think I cried all the way thru his talk!! His STORIES touched my heart to want to do MORE! The words are still resounding...  "the way you overcome adversity is by generosity" and the way to spell love is GIVE =)  WOW! and WOW again! 

Rick Warren came and really challenged ALL of us to KNOW what God has given us "what is in my hand" ... and DO something! I am ready to go change the WORLD!! =) I HOPE they taped it! AND Chuck and I got our photo with HIM!!  HE really is WONDERFUL!! 

[side note here - I have been trying for 15 minutes to upload the pic of US with Rick Warren - HAHA!  It will NOT load... and the link won't work... =( - but... I STILL NEED to be thankful! Right???!!]

Natalya and the Generate band lead us in worship... it was AWESOME! AND another young man - Propaganda - made me STOP and listen to what he was saying... WOW!

I was a bit STAR struck all day... and in AWE that I got to hear ALL of them in ONE day! =)

THEN... I am still working on my BLOG of my trip to Israel... I just needed PIX from Lisa's camera - since my camera BROKE on the 3rd day! So I worked on them and finished... and thought they were uploading today while I was at the conference - but only 7 uploaded ALL DAY! HAHA!  I still NEED to be thankful that I can BLOG my trip!!  I HOPE that I can upload 1600 pix by tomorrow... but it isn't looking like that will happen =(  I still NEED to be THANKFUL!!! Right???!!

DAY 3 of the trip is coming soon... it was the first of the tears flowing for me! GOD is so AMAZING!! 

I am posting this with NO pix... SORRY!  I cannot get ANY of them to post!!  HAHA!! I am THANKFUL still!!  =)

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