Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Part 2 of DAY 2...

Once a month the home for the boys throws a BIRTHDAY BASH for all of the birthdays that month... we were so LUCKY to get to be there for the BIG BIRTHDAY BASH!!  All the boys PLUS the kids that are sponsored all come to the party =) I LOVED getting to watch the excitement of the kids when opening their presents and getting cake!!  EVEN blowing out the candles was sooooo FUN!!! Here are a few pix of the party!

What a FUN party =)

After the party we walked the streets of Ramallah again...  

I LOVED seeing the boys playing...  

THEN... we came to Stars and Bucks =)  It was so FUN!!

I had the milk and honey... YUM!!

This was such an AMAZING day... and I felt so BLESSED that I got to be there! 

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