Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things I miss...

Allergies sure do take a toll on me...  I don't think I have ever been HIT so hard in my whole LIFE!!  I can actually tell when it is time to take the next pill!!  HAHA!!  I FEEL IT!!  I LOVE Spring... but I think it may become my LEAST favorite season!!  HAHA!!

Here is what I FEEL that I am missing... it may NOT be reality... but isn't reality a bit overrated anyway??  =)  HAHA!!

1.Breathing - I heard someone say this... "it feels like I am breathing thru a straw" - YEP!
2.Eating -  I cannot taste anything... so it really doesn't matter what I eat =)
3.Sleeping - I sneeze and I sneeze and I sneeze...  then my nose runs and runs and runs =)
4.My MIND - HAHA!!  I can't even think!
5.Going out to PLAY! - I have been STUCK inside for DAYS... I just don't have the energy to PLAY outside... I want to take pix! 
5.My camera - I just want to PLAY!

I am speaking at Ignite THIS Thursday... HAHA!!  I have my talk... BUT I don't really KNOW if it is good because I am working ON IT while HEAVILY medicated!!  HAHA!!  I am having Chuck HELP me a lot these days...  =)   Please PRAY that I say what GOD wants me to say =) THANK YOU!!

I am feeling a little better today... I think that is why I could write this!

These have been my GOOD friends this week...  Benadryl... BUT it is what makes me loopy =)


Brenda said...

I really enjoyed this one and could relate. Here are the arsenal of defenses that I have against this love/hate relationship with the outdoors, along with pictures that I googled:

- AllergenBlock (Wal-Mart):

- Flonase: by prescription only & I broke my vow of never putting anything up my nose, but it works.

- Zyrtec (generic, Wal-Mart)- I too could feel when the next one is due, and I kick myself when I forget to take it in time, that's when the sneezing starts again.

- The last thing that my doctor recommended that I am reluctant to do is a nasal rinse. It's also available at Wal-Mart.

None of the above have caused me drowsiness, on the contrary, I could actually sleep at night; rather than rub, blow and sneeze. LOL. Benadryl makes me very groggy and than I get irritable. Not a good combo when you have a busy life, work, kids, marriage, etc. :)

God's blessings,

Pamee said...

HAHA!! THANKS! BUT, I am on Flonase AND Zyrtek-D already!! Isn't that sad!!! I may try the rinse... THANK YOU!!

clspraizehim said...

Pam, I have also heard of people using a "Neti Pot". You will have to look it up. Brenda gave you GREAT advice and I agree with the Benadryl...makes me crazy:) Grant takes Walfinate, found at Walgreens and that really works for him. At first he NEEDED to take one every 4 hours but now he is good to take one only at night and on occasion one in the morning. Poor Grant, once he starts sneezing he can't stop and is miserable all day. Now, if it gets that bad I then give him Benadryl but usually the Walfinate is all he needs. I feel for you!!! Love you, Cathy

Michelle Koenig said...

Pam - the nasal rinse is a scary thought, but once you do it and can breathe again it becomes addicting. Some can't handle all the drainage, but I can't handle being so stuffy. They also have the Neil-Med bottle. Same concept as the pot, but just a different method.

Pamee said...

OK!! I went out and got the neti pot and DID it! I LIKE how I felt after!! I will see how it goes tonight =) This will be my next blog =) THANKS LADIES!!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

ahhh allergies... you should try some local honey and some oil of oregano (Oreganol). Those two things helped me immensely!

Fun blog... what church is your husband the pastor of? It sounds really cool. I'm glad you like our blog!


Brenda said...

I'm glad that the feedback helped.

Personal I have a cold!!! Bright side, no allergy symptoms!!! :)

But I'm still taking the Zyrtec.