Monday, October 25, 2010

Life... is full of SURPRISES!!

I have wanted to blog this for a few days now... but LIFE got in the way =)  Last week I got to spend a couple of days with some AWESOME Pastor's wives! I got to catch up with a few that I hadn't seen in a few years - AND got to meet a few new ones. The trip took me to Universal City and to Disney Animation Studios with ALL of them!

They treated ALL of us to an all day visit to the studios - with a PREVIEW of the new movie - "Tangled" - and a tour of the Disney Animation Studio and ABC - with a glimpse of the movie - "The Help" coming out next year!

I have to say that "Tangled" is one of my FAVORITE Disney movies right now!!  I LOVED IT!  AND they are giving all of our friends and family a chance to see it for FREE!!  IF YOU CAN GO... GO!!  It really is worth seeing!!

Here is how YOU can see it...  I do hope that you take the time to go see it!!

  1. Go to
  2. Register your profile ... Use the registration code: FURST. Please direct all of your contacts to use the same registration code: FURST  
  3. Click on “Find a Screening” an go to the link for “Tangled”
  4. Find a screening that you would like to attend, select, and submit. We will confirm with you before the screening.

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MelHoward said...

So jealous Pam! That is so cool that you went to the Disney Studios. I have seen movies there but not done a tour! So cool!

Thanks for the screening information. I have been to quite a few screenings and they are lots of fun.