Monday, November 8, 2010

I am still LEARNING things... =)

I think that life is a process of learning NEW things...  which can make it exciting AND a bit frightening!

I am really EXCITED to be IN our new house!!  So many things that I have never had before... like granite countertops!  WOW!  I LOVE them!  WOOD FLOORS...  AMAZING!  AND a stainless steel sink... BEAUTIFUL!

The things I am learning with them ALL...

It is really HARD to see crumbs on the countertop!!  HAHA! I thought I cleaned it up... and the next morning as I was looking at them - I saw thru the reflection - TONS that I missed!!  HAHA!!

AND with the BEAUTIFUL DARK wood floors... I can SEE EVERY SINGLE STEP that I take when I come in from outside.... hmmmmmm....  do my shoes REALLY carry that much dirt???  WOW!  I can see DUST -  WOW!!  This is going to take some getting used to!!

Now... with the stainless steel sink... Chuck cannot stand the water marks it leaves... SO after EVERY TIME I use the water IN the sink I MUST DRY IT OUT!  HAHAHAHA!!  OH MY!  This one does NOT suit my lifestyle!  So NOW I am thinking all the time... do I REALLY NEED to use the sink!!  I MUST get smarter in my use of the sink!

ALL of this is a NEW learning experience for me... I LOVE IT.... and I am a BIT afraid I will NOT keep up this NEW lifestyle!

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